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We are your personal HR & Payroll Business Solution

Who is Karsten Group?

We are certified Human Resources and Payroll professionals who serve the connection between Human Resources Administration and Business Operations. We are a comprehensive solution that provides your business with the resources you need to manage your most important asset – Employees! 

What makes us unique?

We tailor our services to fit your unique business needs.

The internal culture of every company is specific to each business brand.  A company's management style, core company values, size, and lifetime of business are all unique identifiers that set each company apart. Whatever your company's HR & Payroll needs are, we join the team.


We take on your company culture to support and coach your team to HR success.

The life-cycle of an employee experience is important to the success of every business. We represent your Company Culture with on/off-boarding, company policies, benefits, employee relations and more.

Payroll Administration

Using your payroll processing system of choice, we help you with all steps concerning payroll. From processing, tax administration and more...


We join your team. We are a direct line of contact for all employees, managers and vendors. We work with your payroll system of choice.

Compliance Consulting

Avoid legal fees by staying compliant with your legal work requirements. Gain knowledge on potential future risks and strategic analysis.

HR Consultation

Support your upper leadership with guidance. Our experience and knowledge offer a wide range of support on legal compliance and professional company culture.

Training &

Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to executing standard and customized training solutions for your company culture.

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No Conversions 
No Changes
No System Requirements

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Ready for the Karsten Group to join your team?

We work with your Payroll Solution

We work with your current systems and vendors. Don't see your company listed below? Call us, and we will learn more about your current payroll structure. We are also excellent at auditing the payroll system you are working with to find the right platform that fits your company's needs. There are no conversions, no changes, and no system requirements to bring us on board.

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