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Your Questions
  • Q: Are you a PEO and/or is there a co-employment relationship with our employees?
    A: We are not a PEO. All Employer/Employee liability and administration is done under your FEIN.
  • Q: Do you charge per employee per paycheck?
    A: No. We charge a flat monthly rate based on the services you select; so you have a fixed fee and predictability for HR administration costs.
  • Q: Will our costs increase when our headcount increases?
    A. Your employee headcount will vary. We do not adjust our fees until there is at least a 25% increase in your employee size for greater than 60 days.
  • Q: Are you an employee benefit broker/agent?
    A: No we are not. We work with whomever you have in place or we can help you find the perfect fit; we know some great agencies and are always looking for more to add to the list.
  • Q: Are you a staffing and/or recruiting firm?
    A: No we are not; however, we know some stellar firms if you need a recommendation. We work with you to create a recruiting and retention strategy. We assist with job board administration and interview training.
  • Q: What if we don't need on-going services, can you just help with a project or training need?
    A: Absolutely! We offer á la carte and project consulting services as well.

What's the difference between Outsourcing or Off-shoring?

What HR Outsourcing is Not

Despite its many benefits, HR outsourcing remains a commonly misunderstood business practice. Over the years, outsourcing has become incorrectly synonymous with “offshoring,” which is a term that refers to a company sending jobs overseas and eliminating internal staff. Outsourcing is not offshoring. It is simply the process of obtaining goods or services from an external source or vendor so your company and employees can focus on growing your business.

Recent industry research shows that businesses that use HR outsourcing grow 7-9% faster than those that don’t, and companies of all sizes in various industries outsource HR functions.—even those with human resources professionals on staff.

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