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Benefit Administration

Comprehensive Human Resouces and Payroll solutions for operational efficiency.

What we do

The benefit of your company culture

Companies with strong benefit programs attract top industry talent. We want you to have the competitive edge when it comes to developing a strong team. We help your company offer leading industry benefits by organizing comprehensive plans that place your company at the top of the list for employment-seeking individuals.

We guide your Benefit Life-Cycle

From start to finish, we guide employees and management through the benefit life-cycle. We help connect employees to the attractive benefit plans offered by your company.

Benefit Questions Answers

We are the resource to answer your employee and manager questions and concerns for company benefits. We are the relief to field inquiries and develop solutions for benefit requests.

The best benefits for your company

We audit your current benefit resources to make sure they are in alignment with your company's needs. We assess your benefits system to make sure benefits are at an affordable cost to you while being dynamic and attractive to your employees.

Billing and Payroll Reconciliation

 We help you stay on top of where money is allocated and we assess all payables to ensure there are no under-or overpayments.  We audit your carrier bills and payroll deductions,  to determine what action needs to be taken to rectify any errors. This keeps your money accountable and in a great position to work for your company's best interest.

COBRA Management & Compliance

If your company has 20+ employees, you are required by law to offer continuing medical coverage at the time of separation. But COBRA administration can be complicated to understand. We are experts in COBRA compliance. We face the challenge of having a keen understanding of rules, changes and time-sensitive timelines.

Leave Management

A great leave management policy ensures your business runs smoothly while giving grace to the employees who need to recover, attend to family, or simply recharge. We are knowledgeable about leave management policies for FMLA, personal, military, etc. We can help your company strike a happy balance between team time-off requests and company operations.

Direct Line of Contact

No 1-800# • No Call Centers • 
You are assigned a KG account manager with a real phone number

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Ready for the Karsten Group to join your team?

We work with your Payroll Solution

We work with your current systems and vendors. Don't see your company listed below? Call us, and we will learn more about your current payroll structure. We are also excellent at auditing the payroll system you are working with to find the right platform that fits your company's needs. There are no conversions, no changes, and no system requirements to bring us on board.

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