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Our Company Culture

Quality Service.  Dedicated Resources.  Efficient Solutions.  We are all about servicing our customers. We look at every client as a partner and strive to achieve “they are part of our team” status.

Culture plays a major role at Karsten Group. We hire based on three specific attributes: high degree of emotional intelligence; people who love creating solutions; and individuals with a passion for efficiency. At Karsten Group everyone is held accountable, but we strongly encourage our team members to push back, and to never simply accept the answer “because this is the way it has always been done”.  Defeating Status Quo is a major focus and we combat this operational roadblock by challenging and encouraging a solution seeking environment.

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Our Founder

Julie Pursell is responsible for leading Karsten Group’s dynamic infrastructure and partnership efforts, as well as working closely with our HR and Payroll professionals to craft and execute the Company’s ongoing strategic initiatives.  Prior to Karsten Group, Julie held senior Human Resources positions with both public and private companies, showing her versatility and passion for connecting employee administration to business operations efficiencies.  Her constant enthusiasm creates an environment of excitement and drive; encouraging team members to strive for change and always find a better way.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our Certifications

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