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Payroll Administration

We produce an umbrella of comfort by ensuring your company maintains compliancy with the ever-changing labor law landscape.

What we do

Money Matters.

We have an in-depth understanding of payroll processing, labor law, and regulations. We pay attention to the details and provide clear communication to you, leadership, and employees concerning payment details. We work with your current payroll software negating the need to change current payroll structures. However in some cases, after we run an audit, we can determine if your company is paying too much for the payroll resources you need for operations. In which case we guide you seamlessly through a transition to a software solution that provides a positive impact on your bottom line.

Your System of Choice

We join your team to work with the systems that you already have in place. We either already know your payroll platform - or we will learn it. We are knowledgeable about several of the leading platforms which gives us the upper edge when it comes to offering you a platform that fits your company's needs.

Oversite of Tax Administration

Using your payroll platform - we oversee taxes for federal, state and local compliance.

Wage & Compliance Guidance

We impact your bottomline by being thorough with payroll checkpoints. We make sure workers are classified correctly. We are meticulous with keeping employee and payroll records. We stay informed on the latest payroll regulations while performing regular audits on your payroll platform. 

Employee Garnishment Administration

We guide you through the process of a debt collection process filed by a court-ordered garnishment against your employee. 

Direct Line of Contact

No 1-800# • No Call Centers • 
You are assigned a KG account manager with a real phone number

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Ready for the Karsten Group to join your team?

We work with your Payroll Solution

We work with your current systems and vendors. Don't see your company listed below? Call us, and we will learn more about your current payroll structure. We are also excellent at auditing the payroll system you are working with to find the right platform that fits your company's needs. There are no conversions, no changes, and no system requirements to bring us on board.

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